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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Flogic - a new modal logic

I have made an amazing discovery of a new modal logic. I was analysing the structure of the argument used by the new Design Theorists, in particular William Dembski's Explanatory Filter, which I have discussed in print, when I realised, with the help of chemist Paul Gans of NYU, that it all made amazing sense if you assume a novel logical operator. Once I realised this, I found that it also works extremely well in military and public policy issues.

I call the operator "floogle", and devised this representation for logical equations:

Floogle is the "possibly-therefore-true" operator. It is possible that life was made by an intelligent design (despite the complete lack of any reason to think so), therefore it was. It is possible Iraq had WMDs, therefore they did. It is possible that Clinton was a sleeper spy for the Communist Chinese, therefore he was. And so forth. This simple logical modal operator is the greatest contribution to discovery methods since the doctrine of signatures.

I will now sit back and wait for those awards...