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Friday, July 01, 2005

The Counter Creationism Handbook

I just received my complimentary copy of The Counter Creationism Handbook by Mark Isaak. Why did I get a complimentary copy? Because I helped contribute to it, and to the Index to Creationist Claims on which it is based.

No longer need anyone, when faced with a seemingly (to the ill-informed) respectable claim made in defence of creationism or intelligent design, just accept it on face value. Claims made that stretch, misrepresent or simply make up false scientific views in support of creationism can be quickly hunted down, including some of the likely sources from which they came, and be shown to be stretched, misrepresented or false.

Unfortunately there is no paperback copy yet, and the $US65 is a bit steep for the hardback, but once it comes out, it ought to be a best-seller.

Disclaimer: I get no money from this in any way. Buy it because it's good, not because I will add to my meagre academic income.