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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Inferring God

The story goes that Dennis Diderot, a famous early atheist, visited the court of Catherine the Great in Russia where he discoursed upon the existence of God. Leonard Euler (who actually invented "Venn diagrams", but that's another story) was there, and apocryphally replied
"(a+bn)/n = x, therefore God exists. Answer!" Diderot was embarrassed and retired back to France. It's a myth, of course, but maths and God are a hard combination to beat.

One of these obfuscations of maths and God is of course the bloviations of William Dembski (who is nothing like an Euler - when real mathematicians take Dembski to task he is left in tatters, but I'm not mathematician enough to comment further). So it comes as a welcome find that a real mathematician has used mathematics to uncover the nature and interests of God from shared observational facts and pure math.

I shall retire to France, then...

[Via Uncertain Principles]