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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Terror "suspects", yeah, right

So a bunch of people, all Muslim, of course, have been arrested, planning according to the various police commissioners and politicians, to carry out a terror act.

Did they need terror laws for this? No. They were investigating these people for 18 months. They didn't need to hold them for longer than the usual period. So much for the "urgent legislation".

But that's not the problem here: the media were invited to film these raids (again), the pollies and the police have made public announcements - suppose one or more are innocent? What hope have they got? There are rules here people. They are suspects. No more, as yet. Stop the hysterical media coverage, and the authorities ought to keep the whole thing as quiet as is responsible. We need stronger sub judice laws, I believe.

More and more I have seen the rights and protections we struggled for years fall away as politicians, no doubt with the very best of intentions, use the terrorist attacks as a premise. They won already, the terrorists...