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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's OK to satirise religion. Just not my religion

Isaac Hayes quits 'South Park' go the reports, because he is upset about the satire of religion. Of course, it didn't stop him being involved in the show while it satirised Christianity, Judaism, or Mormonism. But when it got a bit too close to home - the celebrities' religion lite, $cientology, of which Hayes is a member - he suddenly discovered his civil rights past and quit. How moral.

Scientology is a bully's religion. They go after those who criticise it in the law courts with lots of legal backing that individuals cannot compete against. It is perhaps the most moronic excuse for a religion, started by a third rate science fiction writer (a field that attracts third rate writers anyway, so that's saying something). But if people want to follow it to release their inner Thetan, that's fine. But why is it immune from satire? Well, because it's his religion, right?

Religion's primary role is to gather people under one banner. Fine, I think that's probably adaptive. But in a secular society, anything is fair game (God, what South Park did to Paris Hilton shocked even me, and I read Private Eye as a youth).

This is hypocrisy on Hayes' part. And it's my right to say this. Sue me (I have nothing to take away; I'm a postdoc)...