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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Finally set up!

It only took six and a half weeks, but I have my Powerbook (a 12" model - size doesn't count, it's how it operates that matters), all my mail from past (shudder) PCs and employer accounts, and my schedule events have been laboriously transcribed from Palm Desktop to iCal (no export filters with Palm). The main delay was due to Apple - apparently it takes forever to order the 12" from China, where thousands of Job's minions slave away fitting each handcarved chip to motherboards using only their own bodily excretions, for $US0.0035 per day.

So I can start to do real work. No, for you cynics, it has nothing to do with those shoot'emup games. I'm sure I have no idea how they got there (seriously - I spend half my day on a computer - I'm going to relax by staring at one and giving myself RSI?).

Umm... what was I doing here again? [whistling tunelessly]

Anyway, I'm organising to come to Ishkabibble in Guelph in July, and then I'm spending a few days in NYC, then Seattle, Oakland, Hawai'i and home. Anyone who wants to extend an invitation to give a talk will help my per diem compensation...