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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The [further] dumbing down of the UK

OK, so I'm thirty years behind the times (or is that The Times?), but I find it extremely telling that this is what the high quality Independent can put forward when discussing the new film on the Third Crusade of the 13th Century, while this piece of tripe is what plays out in The Sun. Ooh bloody lah lah indeed.

It goes to reinforce my jaded view that the media are a block to reasoned public debate, the open society, and education. Because it isn't The Independent that is selling millions of copies each day. The Sun sells around 3.5 million copies according to this site, while The Independent sells around 192 thousand. Surprise; The Sun is a Murdoch paper, while The Independent is, well, independent... [Usually I bitch about American media. This is a case of Trans-Atlantic equal time.]