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Friday, November 11, 2005

Leading evangelist admits the Designer is God after all

And, what's more, the citizens of Dover, Pensylvania, in the USA, should know this, for they are no longer able to call on God in the case of a natural disaster, according to televangelist Pat Robertson, because they "just voted Him out" when they voted out all of the Intelligent-Design-proposing school board members in a recent election. These members were the folk who tried to get ID on the curriculum and have a disclaimer read about evolution to students, prompting the legal case that has just concluded. The judge's decision is due in January, so expect a major meteor strike in Dover about then.

Pat Robertson is the paragon of virtue who recently called for the assassination of the Venezuelan prime minister by the CIA.

So much for it being "religion free", as if anyone, in or out of the "Discovery" Institute, believed that. [Incidentally, when will the "Discovery" Institute actually discover something? If I had $20 million US per annum, I bet I could discover something.]