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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pat Robertson hijinks again

That naughty Pat Robertson.
After claiming that God caused 9/11 because of all the gays, that the levees in New Orleans broke because of all the gays, that God would cause a terrible disaster to be visited upon Dover PA because of all ... strike that, because they had rejected God by voting out the ID boosters (who were very careful not to mention creationism. One mentioned it once, but we think he got away with it) on the school board, and calling for the assassination of a head of state because of all the... I mean, because he's a damned liberal socialist, you know, now he's declared that Islam is satanic, because they want world domination.

"Islam is not the religion of peace", said ol' Pat.

Not like Christianity, which has killed its millions, eh Pat? Not like the religion that caused the Thirty Years War, the Hundred Years war, several crusades, the wars between Catholic and Protestant nations like between Spain and England, or the Irish Troubles (which go back 400 years), or the slave trade, or the invasion of and genocide in South America, or the extermination of them damned heathen Injuns, or the invasion of China and south east Asia, or of India, or of Africa, all by them Christians. Or of my own island/continent.

Good thing Christianity is the religion of peace, or we might end up having Yet Another Religious War.

Wait... something's nagging at the back of my head....