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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jobs turns to the Dark Side

Like Luke, he was tempted, but he did in the end give in to his baser instincts. Steve Jobs has allowed Apple to release a way to boot Windows on an Intel Mac, called Boot Camp (to be a standard component of the next release, Leopard. Sigh.

What I hoped they'd do was write code to replace Windows system calls in OS X itself, so that you could run a Windows program natively under OS X. I suppose there were problems with that. But it would have been so cool to have some good piece of Windows software running as an OS X app, with all the benefits.

Also, what surprises me is that they haven't (yet) made it possible to run Windows in a memory partition separately from OS X, so you can hot swap between them. With a dual CPU, that could have been cool. We'll see what Apple come up with. Ever since they announced they'd been running an Intel program since the inception of OS X, I have suspected they had some things up their sleeves.