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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Windows and Mac 2: A new hope

Well that didn't take long. A company called Parallels has developed (in beta form now) a way of running any version of Windows, Linux, OS/2, Solaris, or DOS, to name a few, as virtual computers on an Intel Mac, which they call Workstation. Moreover, you can run them simultaneously.

So, assuming we put some version of Windows and a Linux, the OSes available on your Mac Intel would be:

1. Unix BSD V
2. OS X
3. OS 9
4. Linux, and
5. Windows

And that's not to mention all the Atari, Commodore 64, etc, emulators out there.

When this technology beds down a bit. the Mac is going to be simply the most flexible computer there is. Even though Parallels also make a Workstation for ordinary Windows boxen, it won't ever run OS X or OS 9.

Now, where did I put that piggy bank?