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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Penguin speaks

No, not Batman's opponent. I could never understand Burgess Meredith anyway. Always sounded like the punchline riff of a vaudeville joke.

You will recall that a documentary on penguin breeding behaviour was trumpeted as a moral lesson from Intelligent Design a short while back (blithely ignoring the fact that the penguins concerned chose a different mate each breeding season). Here's an interview with one of the stars of that documentary, courtesy of Channel 4 in the UK. For example, the interviewer thinks it's harsh to leave the egg on its own while hunting. Our star replies:
That's because you are part of the liberal establishment media. You are weak. You are soft. Can you survive on your own blubber for three months? I think not. If there is one lesson I think we've taught America, it's the importance of blubber. You can never have enough blubber. They say, "Intelligent Design", I say "blubber blubber blubber".
Blubber blubber blubber indeed, sir!