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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Big Tent collapses

Intelligent Design advocates are fond of saying that the differences between them and creationists can be left to one side while the Evil Darwinians are battled. This is sometimes referred to as the "big tent", a reference to revivalist meetings of days of yore in the US and elsewhere.

Alas, Australia's export to American creationism, Ken Ham, who was instrumental in setting up Answers in Genesis, has started to tug at the guy ropes a bit too hard. No, he's not trying to argue that ID is anti-Bible, as some of his fellows have. In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald just recently, he broke ranks and asserted what we all knew anyway. ID is a "trojan horse" for Christianity. From the article:
He says some Christian intelligent design people believe that, if they "can get students to begin to question atheism", that may be a way to get them to listen to the Bible.

He says many Christians are now grabbing on to the intelligent design argument "thinking that solves the issue of the separation of church and state to get things into schools".

"If those people get themselves on school boards, fine.

"We don't oppose them. Simply because, for me, and for us in the biblical creation movement, we say, well let them fight the evolutionists, the atheists, and keep fighting issues of naturalism and so on, that's fine."

So the cat is out of the bag (or should that be, the big cats are out from under the tent?). Quel surprise...

[Thanks to Jim Foley for the heads-up]