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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Polanyi on ID

Michael Polanyi was an interesting fellow, a scientist who thought deeply about science and coined the notion of "tacit knowledge" in scientific educations.

Dembski's Michael Polanyi Center at Baylor University, which is now defunct after Dembski was relieved of his duties after making some ill-advised comments in public, was supposed to share in the standing of Polanyi amongst philosophy of science, for Polanyi was, they implied, an ID advocate.

Barbara Forrest is hosting a talk by Polanyi specialist Richard Galwick which debunks this and shows that he would not have supported ID. As always in the way antiscientists treat source material, the problem lies in failing to read in context, leading to quotemining...

[late correction: Let's spell the guy's name right, OK?]