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Friday, January 13, 2006

A good blog on the human past

When someone adds me to their blogroll, I know they have taste. Here's a nice site, the Archeological Mind, that blogs about archeology, oddly enough, in particular (so far as I can see) architectural archeology. Lots of nice Egyptian and Mayan stuff.

Now I have to say something sensible about archeology - OK: human cultural evolution is exactly a Darwinian process of evolution, of variation, selection (cultural rather than genetic) and diversification and extinction. Fill out the details amongst yourselves, as an exercise...

Pharyngula sells out

Well, sort of... not much... not at all really, but I had to get your attention so you could note that Pharyngula, the premier biology blog by some guy with a hard name to spell, has moved to the Seed stable . Adjust your feed link appropriately, and let Mghsrwax know that you want to be able to read the opening part of the post in your RSS reader...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A panda, two likely lads, and a big Dick

No, it's not the beginning of a very bad risqué joke, but the visit of Professor Steve Steve (who offended me greatly with his nasty comments when I last saw him) to the Museum of South Australia to see why the Edicaran fossils overturn the Cambrian Explosion mythos a bit. Musgrave and Nedin joined him. Some nice pix, too. Especially of the large Dickensonia, which Nedin for some reason wants to keep calling the Big Dick.